Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wife Charges Refined Cruelty

From The Oakland Tribune, 14 May 1919, p. 14

Wife Charges Refined Cruelty

Mrs. Alice Leigh Tyler, who, prior to her marriage in 1917, was Alice Leigh, sued Benjamin Tyler today for divorce, alleging a series of acts of "refined cruelties" that caused her to become nervous and lose weight.

Among the acts of cruelty alleged are his accusation that she was out with other men, humiliating her in the presence of guests, talking to friendsa bout her conduct in a critical way, accusation that she has no regard for the truth, declaration that she has deceitful eyes, that she is a promiscuous flirt, nagging till he spoiled her vacation to the Yosemite, locking the automobile on numerous occasions on the road so that she had to walk home or take a street car, left her standing on Powell street at midnight and took a car to unknown destination, often remaining out at night with the explanation that he was at the baths. Finally, she says, he told her that if she didn't like him and his ways she could get out. She wants her maiden name restored.

Myrtle Peral Schumacker alleges desertion by Godfried Schumacker in her suit for divorce, and Manuel Gomes charges Mary Gomes with cruelty.

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