Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wife Blameless

From The Oakland Tribune, 05 May 1917


Alameda, May 5-Coroner Grant Miller held an inquest last night to inquire into the death of Captain William Peters, veteran Oakland harbor boatman and waterfront character, who was drowned Thursday night when he fell from a rowboat while crossing from the Oakland shore to his scow on the Alameda side of the harbor.

The testimony showed that Peters was accidentally drowned. The fact that Peters' wife spent hours shooting a revolver and screaming for help in a vain effort to attract aid until several hours after the drowning, caused the coroner and Chief of Police John Conrad to carefully sift Mrs. Peters' story.

Mrs. Peters was questioned at police headquarters for several hours yesterday regarding the tragedy and was then released, it being clearly shown that Mrs. Peters was not only in nowise to blame for the tragedy but that she was compelled to watch helplessly while her husband went to his death.

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