Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Late Meals; Wife at Cafes; Seeks Divorce

From The Oakland Tribune, 15 May 1919, p. 2

Late Meals; Wife at Cafes; Seeks Divorce

The complaint of Clyde A. Robinson for divorce from Mrs. Martha J. Robinson, filed today, alleges that notwithstanding her fondness for his company, which was so great that she would cry for hours while he was away from home working overtime, she would on other occasions go to San Francisco and spend the evening in the cafes with other men. He complains that she persistently refused to have his meals ready when he came home.

Mrs. Emma Davis alleges in her suit for annulment of her marriage to Howard L. Davis, January 19, 1919, that he had another wife from whom he was not finally divorced. She asks the restoration of her maiden name of Emma Bentley.

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