Monday, June 14, 2010

Brooklyn Home Journal, 14 Dec 1872

TEAL-In Pacheco, November 30th, to Mr. and Mrs. David Teal, a daughter.

MANSFIELD-RICH-In San Jose, December 3d, G. Stanley Mansfield, to Mollie E. Rich.

WALLACE-VIETS-In San Jose, December 1st, Joseph M. Wallace to Addie M. Viets

PREVOST-LYNOT-In this city, December 6th, by George H. Fogg, Justice of the Peace, John H. Prevost to Bridget T. Lynot, both of Oakland.

SCHAFFER-HERBST-In this city, December 8th, by the Rev. Mr. Buchren, Louis Schaffer to Lena Herbst.

GIBBONS-In Alameda, November 28th, 1872, William Gibbons, infant son of William and Elizabeth W. Gibbons, aged 1 month and 20 days.

WOODWARD-In Placerville, El Dorado county, November 25th, 1872, Ella R., wife of George A. Woodward, and daughter of H. S. and J. H. Hulburd, aged 25 years and 6 months.

DEARBORN-In this city, December 9th, Samuel H. Dearborn, aged 58 years.

DE La Haye-At Toronto on the 3d instant, J. P. De La Haye, Esq., of Clairville (late French Master Upper Canada College) aged 73.

LATTIN-In Alvorado [sic], December 4th, Belle Lattin, aged 18 years.

CLEVELAND-In Centerville, December 10th, J. C. Cleveland, aged 33 years.

CADWELL-In Eden Township, December 8th, Caleb Cadwell, Steward of County Infirmary, aged 31 years.

LACY-In Oakland, December 6th, Louisa, wife of Dr. John S. Lacy, formerly of Schenectady, New York.

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