Monday, June 14, 2010

Brooklyn Independent, 18 June 1870

TUM SUDEN-In Brooklyn, to the wife of Henry Tum Suden, a son.

DRENNON-In Brooklyn, June 15, to the wife of Jas. Drennon, a son.

WIGGIN-BAILEY-At Astoria, Oregon, May 30, Wm. B. Wiggin to Emma A. Bailey, both formerly of Alameda.

STRAUB-FISHER-In Alameda, June 8, by Rev. J. G. Marquardt, Dionysius Straub to Mrs. Louisa Fisher, formerly Miss Lauterwasser.

JOHNSTON-PATTERSON-In San Francisco, June 11, by Rev. L. Walker, Jeremiah Johnston, of Oakland, to Lizzie Patterson, of Brooklyn, New York.

MAXSON-CROXON-In San Francisco, June 14, by Rev. L. Walker, Frank Maxson to Catherine Croxon, both of Contra Costa County.

HEZLEP-In Brooklyn, June 13, after a long and painful illness, James Hezlep, a native of Ohio, aged 56 years.

WOLTERS-In Alameda, June 5, John Jacob Wolters, a native of Hamburg Germany, aged 42 years.

WILLIAMS-In San Francisco, June 11, David R. Williams (printer) a native of Swansea, Wales, aged about 36 years.

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