Friday, October 14, 2011

To Investigate Her Death

From: The Oakland Tribune, 04 January 1906

To Investigate Her Death
Body of Mrs. Charles Mathews Exhumed; Inquest Tonight

Coroner Mehrmann will hold an inquest this evening on the remains of Mrs. Charles T. Mathews, who came to her death ten days ago at the Central Sanitarium as the result of a criminal operation.

Owing to the suspicions of the husband the body was exhumed two days after it was buried.

Dr. C. H. Wilder, who was treating the woman, failed to notify the coroner of the death of the woman, and secured a burial permit without assigning the true cause of death.

Dr. Wilder states, however, that he merely treated the deceased after the operation was performed by a Dr. Davis, in San Francisco.

His object in not reporting the matter to the coroner at the time of the death was, he said, to avoid notoriety.

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