Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Jury To Try Hasse

From: The Oakland Tribune, 04 January 1906

Getting Jury To Try Hasse
Attorneys are Very Careful in Selecting Talesmen

The trial of Otto L. Hasse, charged with presenting false and fraudulent claims to the county for stationery, was continued this morning before Judge Melvin and the work of securing a jury was taken up where it was left off yesterday. Twelve jurors were examined yesterday and enough more examined today, so that at noon five jurors had been accepted by both sides. They are Lewis Selby, B. Fassier, M. J. Christianson, John Dickie, and Adolph B?tiesen.

The questions are taking a wide range owing to the fact that not only are the jurors being asked as to whether they have had personal relations with Hasse himself or any of the attorneys interested in the case, but also whether they know any of the county officers who may be called as witness and whether if the officers swore one way and Hasse the other they would give his testimony the same weight they would give theirs. 

Juror Rode, of Fruitvale, was excused because he said that he had known County Superintendant of Schools T. O. Crawford for nearly a quarter of a century, and that if he said a thing he would believe it. As Superintendant Crawford has already testified before the Supervisors and Grand Jury that his bills were altered after his signature had been placed on them, Rode was hardly acceptable as a juror.

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