Monday, October 10, 2011

In Probate Court

From: The Oakland Tribune, 03 January 1906


Petition for the probate of the will of the late Catharina Elfers, of 775 Santa Clara avenue was filed with the County Clerk today by Charles D. Elfers, one of the sons of the deceased, together with her will, in which she leaves her entire estate to her husband, Ahrenhold D. Elfers, who is now 82 years of age.

The estate consists of the home on Santa Clara avenue, which is valued at about $2500, and personal property valued at $500. The deceased states that she makes no provision for her children believing that their father will deal justly with them.

The will of the late Manuel F. P. Olivera of Centerville was filed with the County Clerk today, in which he leaves his entire estate, valued at $2800, to his wife, Mary F. Olivera, 33 years of age. He says that he purposely omits mentioning his children as he is sure that their mother will care for them. Attorney J. G. Mattos represents the widow.

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