Friday, November 18, 2011

Scheduled Weddings

From: The Oakland Tribune, 26 February 1912


A number of Oakland girls will be brides of the season, having named the dates of their weddings during the coming few weeks.

Miss Abby Sanford will wed James Lea at Easter.

Before her marriage, which will take place in June, Miss Ida Grossmayer will be delightfully feted.

Miss Albertine Detrick will be a bride of mid April.

Milton Hamilton will claim Miss Katherine Meyer as his wife at a ceremony immediately following Lent.

Miss Charlotte Biedenbach has not yet definitely decided on her wedding with Harold Nickeron, although it will be among the interesting events of the early season.

Miss Lele Holland, Miss Amy Swayne and Miss May Bissell will be brides of the early summer.

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