Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Time Sought in Insanity Hearing

From The Oakland Tribune, 21 May 1919, p. 7

More Time Sought in Insanity Hearing

Frances Aletheia Head, lecturer, writer and actress, who was last Friday committed to Agnew Hospital for the Insane from the Oakland Receiving Hospital, has asked for an extention of time for the beginning of her trial on appeal before a jury, to enable her to secure evidence from New York establishing her claim that she is still the lawful wife of Robert T. Head, architect of Washington, D. C., because of irregularities in their divorce decree.

Mrs. Marguerite Head Jr., of Fruitvale, her daughter-in-law, who was complaining witness in the matter, denies that she caused her mother-in-law's examination on an insanity charge in San Francisco recently, as the defendant has stated, and declares she is actuated only by kindly motives in trying to secure treatment for Mrs. Head's condition.

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